Paws & Play Dog Resort & Training Center is offering the following workshop.

Scent Detection Workshop

Hosted by: Paws & Play Dog Resort & Training Center & Tim Hartsock, CPDT-KA
Dates: TBD
Location: Paws & Play Dog Resort & Training Center

Scent Detection will encourage dogs to use their natural abilities and provide a great outlet. This workshop is a fun way to guide your dog’s natural ability into more positive directions and help encourage self-control. Whatever level you want to take it to, here is the workshop to get you started!

The instructor for the weekend workshop will be Paws & Play’s very own Tim Hartsock. Tim has dedicated his training career to helping students, just like you, find their place in the fast-growing scent detection field. Some of his credentials include:

  • CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator
  • Law Enforcement Training Specialists (LETS)- Tracking/Trailing Certified since 2009. LETS Assistant Instructor since 2010. LETS- Certifying Official/Instructor since 2015. Indiana Department Homeland Security (IDHS)- K-9 Tracking Trailing
  • Instructor for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. IDHS- Co-Developer of Original Tracking/Trailing Instruction Material and Testing Standards.  IDHS- Assistant Instructor for HRD. Midwest Search Dog- Training Director. Mid-America Search Team Training Coordinator/founding Member. 
  • AKC Field Trial Judge. UKC- Performance Pack Judge. UKC- Show Judge. UKC- Performance Pack Judge. UKC- Small Pack Judge. UKC- Large Pack Judge.
  • Novice, Intermediate, Advance and Expert Trick Dog Titles
  • AWI Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. UFO Major Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Indiana State Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Disc Dog Competition Judge. IDDC- Demo Coordinator. Indianapolis Zoo- Dog Show Trainer/Performer.

More About The Workshop!

The workshop will be held from 9am-3:00pm. Discussion/questions will be held from 3:00pm to approximately 3:30pm. Doors to the building will open at 8:30am. You are welcome to bring snacks, however there are plenty of fast food restaurants around for lunch.

If you are working a dog please bring a harness that clips in the back, a 6 ft or less leash, plenty of treats, water and a crate (or we can supply one for you). If you do not have access to the required gear, we will have approved equipment available for purchase in our front lobby. Our indoor training area is climate controlled and there will be access to restrooms. If you are auditing and have a dog that is coming along you must have prior permission and send vaccination records before bringing them in the building. We will only have crating space for a few auditing dogs.

Please note that choke chains, prong collars and E-collars will not be used at any point during the workshop. For safety reasons we ask that these tools remain off of the dog to avoid any possible snagging on equipment that is used. Remember, dogs must be comfortable working around other dogs. During hands on training, dogs will be worked in small groups and remain in their crates while waiting for their turn. This Workshop does not require any specific skills.

The weekend workshop will be held at Paws & Play Dog Resort & Training Center. The building is behind the intersection of 131st Street & Interstate 37. Please call our office at (317) 776-7824 if you need any further directions or have any trouble finding the building.

Pricing & Scheduling

10 Working Spots $250
15 Auditing Spots $150


9am – 11am Discussion & Education

  • Learn the science behind how dogs process scent.
  • A brief history on how scent work developed into what it is today
  • Overview of all the options for competing in scent work.


12pm – 3pm Hands On

  • Imprinting
  • Cones
  • Scent Wall
  • Line Up

3pm – 3:30pm Group Questions

  • Dogs will be placed in crates during this Q&A 


9am – 11am Discussion & Education

  • Learn how to train to compete for fun or to the highest levels.
  • The Importance of setting up training problems correctly.


12pm – 3pm Hands On

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Vehicles
  • You will practice setting up problems.
  • You will also practice handling of scent to ensure integrity of the hide.

3pm – 3:30pm Group Questions

  • Dogs will be placed in crates during this Q&A



monday - saturday 7a-8p
sunday 9a-6p

Closed on Major Holidays


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