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If you are traveling out of town or just have a busy lifestyle, you can take advantage of our Stay & Train program. We will begin their training journey in our facility and provide you with the tools and experience to continue the training once you pick your dog up. While your dog is enjoying their stay, our trainers will teach them how to be a polite, well-behaved member of the family and you can rest easy with daily training updates. Each dog is matched with a primary trainer that best suits their specific training needs however, our entire training team works together to make sure that every dog receives the most ethical and effective training possible. While the Stay & Train program is our most immersive option, it is important to remember that training does not stop there. Our trainers will help create a plan for you to ensure that your training transitions successfully into your home.

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 Exit Lesson - Include the Whole Family

Upon completion of your dog's Stay & Train stay with us, your dog's primary trainer will sit down with your family to catch you up. Your trainer will cover everything your dog learned while staying with us and how they got there. They will update you on your dog's progress toward their goals and all of the successes they have made. Your family will spend time practicing with your dog and their trainer to make sure your dog transfers everything that they learned at Paws & Play to your own home. We encourage you to take advantage of this time and ask any questions you may have but our support doesn't stop there - your trainer will be available via phone or email to answer your questions even after you leave. 


Week 1 Goals: Acquisition - Introduce skills to help create a well-behaved dog

  • Attention getting (name recognition)
  • Beginner Sit and Down
  • House Manners (discourage jumping, mouthing, counter surfing, etc.)
  • Beginner Wait at doors and for food bowls
  • Loose leash walking and training tool selection
  • Body handling
  • Intro to Recall (coming when called)
  • Polite greetings with humans

Week 2 Goals: Generalize - Help your dog perform his skills in various environments

  • Generalize Week 1 goals, plus:
  • Intro to Stay
  • Recall with distance
  • Loose leash walking with distractions
  • Pack walks with other dogs (when applicable)
  • Polite greetings with dogs (when applicable)

Take it to the Next Level

Week 3 Goals: Diversify - Mix it up and add distractions

  • Continue to generalize Weeks 1 and 2 goals, plus:
  • Recall with distraction
  • Continue to build Place and Stay duration
  • Loose leash walking on Outings
  • Optional customized tricks training
  • Intro to Place

Week 4 Goals: Put it All Together- Practicing the "Three D's" (Distance, Duration, Distraction)

  • All of the Weeks 1, 2, and 3 goals, plus:
  • Advanced Stay
  • Advanced Place
  • Auto-Sit when walking
  • Generalize skills on Outings
  • Optional customized advanced tricks training

**Off-leash with approved remote collar only



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saturday 7a-6p
sunday (lodging pick up & drop off only)9a-3p

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