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If you are traveling out of town or just have a busy lifestyle, you can take advantage of our Lodge & Learn program. We train your dog for you, so you can enjoy a well-mannered companion. While your dog is enjoying their stay, our trainers will teach them how to be a polite, well-behaved member of the family. Each dog is matched with a primary trainer that best suits their specific training needs. Our entire training team works together to make sure that every dog receives the best, and most beneficial, training possible.

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About Our Program

Our Lodge & Learn program teaches your dog commands, behaviors, and good manners. We spend time with your dog to get to know their personality, favorite toys/games, and body language. Our trainers take full advantage of our 5,000 square foot training room to teach a wide variety of behaviors and commands at the facility. We also believe that training in real world settings is highly beneficial for success at home. Our trainers love to frequent local businesses, pet stores, malls, parks, and trails to ensure that your dog can be successful in even the most distracting environments.

Private Lesson With Your Family

Upon completion of your dog's Lodge & Learn stay with us, your dog's primary trainer will sit down with your family and provide a customized lesson. Your trainer will cover everything your dog learned while staying with us and how they got there. They will also cover any behavioral concerns or modifications that you may have or want for your dog. Your family will spend time practicing with your dog and their trainer to make sure your dog transfers everything that they learned at Paws & Play to your own home. Your trainer is available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the success of your training, not only during your lesson, but also after you've completed your Lodge & Learn program.

You WILL See Amazing Results!

All training and commands are customized towards your needs. If time and learning ability of your dog permits, extra commands and tricks can be taught. The Lodge & Learn Program price includes a Private Lesson for the family upon completion of training. The price also includes day care, leash walks, treadmill workouts, one-on-one training, out-and-abouts, and a customized training program for your dog.



  • Walking on loose leash
  • Socialization with people and dogs
  • Door manners
  • Discourage jumping
  • Attention getting
  • Basic "sit" and "down"
  • Basic "stay"


  • All of the Level 1 items, plus:
  • "Heel" and "sit" on command
  • "Come" and "sit"
  • "Sit" and "down" with distractions
  • "Stay" with distractions


Off-leash available**

Must complete Basic L1 and L2


  • Advanced "heel" and "sit"
  • Advanced "sit" and "down" (Distance, Duration, Distractions)
  • Advanced "stay"
  • "Place" on dog bed or mat
  • "Stand"
  • Basic "sit" and "down"
  • "Come" under distractions


  • All of the Level 1 items, plus:
  • Hand signals
  • "Heel" with automatic "sit"
  • Distance "sit" and "down"
  • "Send out" from room/area
  • Advanced "come"

**Off-leash with approved remote collar only


For puppies between 10-20 weeks old


  • Teaching name
  • Socialization with people and dogs
  • Introducing leash and collar
  • Beginning house training
  • Beginning crate training
  • Discourage jumping
  • Appropriate chewing
  • Handling exercises
  • New owner education


  • All of the Level 1 items, plus:
  • Biting and nipping
  • Walking politely on leash
  • Greeting people calmly
  • Introducing door manners
  • Attention getting
  • Introducing "stay"
  • Encourage "come"
  • Grooming exercises


monday - saturday 7a-8p
sunday 9a-6p

Closed on Major Holidays


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Fishers, IN 46038
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