Disc Dog Workshop

Paws and Play Dog Resort and Training Center is proud to offer an extensive training workshop on Canine Disc Dog for Fun or Competition.

Dates: October 26th & 27th

The instructor for the weekend workshop will be Paws & Play's Tim Hartsock. Tim has dedicated his training career to helping students, just like you, find their place in the competitive Disc Dog field. Some of his credentials include:

  • CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator
  • Novice, Intermediate, Advance and Expert Trick Dog Titles
  • AWI Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. UFO Major Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Indiana State Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Disc Dog Competition Judge. IDDC- Demo Coordinator. Indianapolis Zoo- Dog Show Trainer/Performer.

Pricing & Scheduling

  • 10 Working Spots $250
  • 15 Auditing Spots $150


9am-11am Introduction

  • Overview of Disc Dog Competition
  • Learning about throwing the Disc
  • What kind of Disc should I use
  • Demonstration of the different throws
  • Practicing Basic Throws


12pm-1pm Teaching The Dog

  • Warm the dog up first
  • Chase and Track The Disc
  • Catching the Disc
  • Dropping the Disc

1pm-2pm Putting It Together

  • Build the Drive
  • Make it FUN!!!
  • Rollers are rewarding
  • The Go Around

2pm-3pm Hands On

  • Hands On

3pm - 3:30pm Group Questions

  • Dogs will be placed in crates during this Q&A


9am - 11am Competitions

  • Conditioning is Critical
  • Toss & Catch
  • Freestyle
  • Vaults and What You Need To Know to do them SAFELY
  • What You Need to Know to Compete


12pm-1pm Practice Skills W/ Dogs

  • Warmup
  • Build the Drive
  • Practice Chase and Track
  • Practice the Catch
  • Practice the Drop

1pm - 3pm Practice Toss & Catch And Freestyle Skills w/o the dogs

  • Using the Area Well
  • Making a Plan
  • Using Different Throws

3pm - 3:30pm Questions and Discussion


monday - friday 7a-8p
saturday 7a-6p
sunday (lodging pick up & drop off only)9a-3p

Closed on Major Holidays


9001 E. 133rd Place
Fishers, IN 46038
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