Disc Dog Workshop

Paws and Play Dog Resort and Training Center is proud to offer an extensive training workshop on Canine Disc Dog for Fun or Competition.

The instructor for the weekend workshop will be Paws & Play's Tim Hartsock. Tim has dedicated his training career to helping students, just like you, find their place in the competitive Disc Dog field. Some of his credentials include:

  • CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator
  • Novice, Intermediate, Advance and Expert Trick Dog Titles
  • AWI Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. UFO Major Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Indiana State Intermediate Disc Dog Freestyle Champion. Disc Dog Competition Judge. IDDC- Demo Coordinator. Indianapolis Zoo- Dog Show Trainer/Performer.

Pricing & Scheduling

  • 10 Working Spots $250
  • 15 Auditing Spots $150


9am-11am Introduction

  • Overview of Disc Dog Competition
  • Learning about throwing the Disc
  • What kind of Disc should I use
  • Demonstration of the different throws
  • Practicing Basic Throws


12pm-1pm Teaching The Dog

  • Warm the dog up first
  • Chase and Track The Disc
  • Catching the Disc
  • Dropping the Disc

1pm-2pm Putting It Together

  • Build the Drive
  • Make it FUN!!!
  • Rollers are rewarding
  • The Go Around

2pm-3pm Hands On

  • Hands On

3pm - 3:30pm Group Questions

  • Dogs will be placed in crates during this Q&A


9am - 11am Competitions

  • Conditioning is Critical
  • Toss & Catch
  • Freestyle
  • Vaults and What You Need To Know to do them SAFELY
  • What You Need to Know to Compete


12pm-1pm Practice Skills W/ Dogs

  • Warmup
  • Build the Drive
  • Practice Chase and Track
  • Practice the Catch
  • Practice the Drop

1pm - 3pm Practice Toss & Catch And Freestyle Skills w/o the dogs

  • Using the Area Well
  • Making a Plan
  • Using Different Throws

3pm - 3:30pm Questions and Discussion


monday - saturday 7a-8p
sunday 9a-5p

Closed on Major Holidays


9001 E. 133rd Place
Fishers, IN 46038
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